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Kids Tablets: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

In today’s digital age, technology has become an integral part of our lives, including the lives of our children. One of the most popular tech gadgets for kids is the tablet. Kids tablets offer a range of educational and entertainment features that can be beneficial for children’s development when used appropriately. This guide aims to help parents understand the various aspects of kids tablets, from choosing the right one to managing screen time effectively.

The Benefits of Kids Tablets

Educational Opportunities

Kids tablets are designed to be educational tools. They come pre-loaded with apps and games that teach everything from basic literacy and numeracy to science and creativity. Educational apps can adapt to a child’s learning pace, offering personalized learning experiences that can enhance cognitive development.

Enhancing Creativity

Tablets can be a great way to foster creativity in children. Many apps allow kids to draw, paint, and create music. These creative outlets can help children express themselves and develop fine motor skills.

Improving Technological Literacy

In a world where digital literacy is increasingly important, early exposure to technology can be beneficial. Using a tablet can help children become familiar with basic tech concepts and improve their computer literacy skills, which will be valuable in their future education and careers.


Tablets can provide entertainment through games, videos, and interactive books. This can be particularly useful for long car rides or when parents need to keep children occupied for short periods.

Choosing the Right Kids TabletKids with Education Tablet Computers | See more: Back to Sch… | Flickr

Age Appropriateness

When selecting a tablet for your child, it’s important to consider the age appropriateness of the device. Tablets designed for younger children, typically ages 3-7, often come with robust parental controls, durable designs, and simplified interfaces. For older children, ages 8 and up, tablets may offer more advanced features and less restrictive controls.


Kids can be rough on electronics, so durability is a key factor. Look for tablets with sturdy, shock-absorbent cases and screens made from shatter-resistant glass. Some tablets are designed specifically to withstand drops and spills.

Parental Controls

Strong parental controls are essential to ensure your child’s safety online. Look for tablets that allow you to set screen time limits, monitor app usage, and restrict access to inappropriate content. Many tablets also offer child-friendly browsing modes and the ability to approve or block specific apps and websites.

Battery Life

A tablet with a long battery life is crucial, especially for long trips or when you’re away from a power source. Look for tablets that offer at least 8-10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Storage Capacity

Consider how much storage the tablet offers, especially if you plan to download a lot of apps, games, and videos. While cloud storage can help alleviate some storage concerns, having ample on-device storage is still important.


Kids tablets come in a range of prices. It’s possible to find a good quality tablet that fits your budget. However, be wary of very cheap options as they may compromise on essential features like durability and parental controls.

Popular Kids Tablets on the MarketOSPI Suggested Computer Science Resources | OER Commons

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition is a popular choice among parents. It comes with a sturdy case, a two-year worry-free warranty, and a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which offers thousands of age-appropriate books, videos, games, and educational apps. The parental controls are robust, allowing you to manage screen time and set educational goals.

Apple iPad (with Parental Controls)

While not specifically designed for kids, the Apple iPad is a versatile option that can be customized with parental controls. The iPad offers a wide range of educational apps and content, excellent build quality, and a smooth user experience. Accessories like durable cases and screen protectors can make it more kid-friendly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Kids Edition

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Kids Edition comes with a durable bumper case and a host of parental controls. It includes Samsung Kids, a subscription service that offers a variety of educational content. The tablet also features a kid-friendly interface and a built-in parental control panel.

LeapFrog Epic

The LeapFrog Epic is designed for younger children, with a focus on educational content. It offers a customizable home screen, a durable design, and a range of educational apps. The parental controls are easy to use, allowing you to manage your child’s screen time and access to content.

Managing Screen Time

Setting Limits

It’s important to set and enforce screen time limits to ensure your child balances their time between digital activities and other important aspects of life, such as physical activity, homework, and family time. Most kids tablets come with built-in tools to help you set daily screen time limits and schedule breaks.

Encouraging Balanced Use

Encourage your child to use their tablet for educational purposes in addition to entertainment. Set goals for using educational apps and reward your child for reaching those goals. This can help create a healthy balance between learning and play.

Monitoring Content

Regularly review the apps and content your child is accessing. Ensure they are using age-appropriate and educational materials. Many parental control systems allow you to see detailed reports of your child’s activity, which can help you make informed decisions about what they can and cannot access.

Leading by Example

Children often emulate their parents’ behavior. By modeling healthy screen habits yourself, you can encourage your child to do the same. Set aside time for family activities that do not involve screens, such as outdoor play, reading, or board games.

Ensuring Online SafetySecurity Awareness for the Rest of the Year – Security & People

Educating Your Child

Teach your child about the importance of online safety. Discuss why it’s important not to share personal information online and the potential dangers of interacting with strangers. Use kid-friendly browsers and apps that provide a safe online environment.

Using Safe Browsing Tools

Many kids tablets come with pre-installed safe browsing tools that restrict access to harmful content. Make sure these tools are enabled and regularly update the software to ensure the highest level of protection.

Regular Check-ins

Regularly check in with your child about their online activities. Open communication can help you understand their online behavior and address any concerns promptly. Make sure your child feels comfortable coming to you with any issues they encounter online.


Kids tablets can be a valuable tool for education, creativity, and entertainment when used appropriately. By choosing the right tablet, setting clear usage guidelines, and ensuring online safety, you can provide a positive and enriching digital experience for your child. As technology continues to evolve, staying informed and involved in your child’s digital life is more important than ever. With careful consideration and active management, kids tablets can be a beneficial addition to your child’s learning and playtime.

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